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Special Educational Needs and Disability

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The SEND Offer

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Cumbria’s Local Offer aims to provide information to parents/carers and young people about provision expected to be available across education, health and social care for children and young people in their area who have SEN or are disabled, including those who do not have Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan. The SEND Local Offer is not simply a directory of services.  It includes information about:

  • Education, health and care provision for children and young people with SEND (which should include information about its quality and the destinations/outcomes achieved by those who use it).
  • Arrangements for identifying and assessing children and young people’s SEND including arrangements for requesting an Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment.
  • Other educational provision (educational provision outside schools or colleges, such as sports or arts provision).
  • Training provision, including apprenticeships.
  • Arrangements for travel to and from schools, post-16 institutions
  • Support to help children and young people moving between phases of education (for example from early years to school, from primary to secondary) and to prepare for adulthood.
  • Sources of information, advice and support in the Local Authority’s area relating to SEN, including forums for parents and carers, support groups, childcare and leisure activities.
  • Arrangements for making complaints, for the resolution of disagreements, medication and parents and young people’s rights of appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal.

The SEND Local Offer is an important source for children, young people and their families.  It will also be a significant source of information for all professionals, not just those who will be directly involved in the EHC plan production.  Service users will have an important part to play in the ongoing  development and review of the SEND Local Offer.


According to the Code of Practice for SEN(D) (2015)

  • The local authority must also ensure that all its officers co-operate with each other in respect of the Local Offer. This must include those whose roles relate to social services or who will contribute to helping young people make a successful transition to adulthood – for example those working in housing and economic regeneration. (sec4.17)


  • The proprietors of independent specialist colleges and independent schools specially organised to make provision for children and young people with SEN which have been included on the list of institutions approved by the Secretary of State for the purpose of enabling parents and young people to request that they are named on an EHC plan and are in the local authority’s area or are attended or likely to be attended by children and young people in their area

At Moorfield Learning Centre we fully concur and uphold Cumbria  CC Local Offer and work within its remit. Any additional Information required with regard to SEN(D) and support for students with SEN should be directed to the SENC)

[In accordance with The SEN(D) Code of Practice (2015)]


Contact: Danielle Roberts at Moorfied Learning Centre;  Tel. : 01229 837 258


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