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Supporting young people with primary and secondary education needs
We can support young people with their education needs
Our Outreach Support Services

The Education advisers at Moorfield learning centre offer emotional and behaviour Outreach Support to the Primary and Secondary schools within the Barrow and South lakes. This support includes supporting individual children who have been assessed as needing additional 1:1 support to help improve their confidence, self-esteem, emotional resilience and self-worth.
Transition Support
In addition to the outreach work in primary schools, we also provide transition support for those year 6 children moving on to secondary schools and where the primary school feels that they may have particular difficulties in settling into the new school for whatever reason.
Person Centred

Our outreach services are bespoke and focus on the needs and aspirations of the individuals we support. Person-centred care plans are developed with the young person, their school and their family. We always review the way we support children and young people to see if there are any changes or improvements we can adapt to improve the support we provide.
Complex Needs

Our specialist outreach support for children and young people who may have complex emotional and physical health needs will be person-centred, tailor-made, and is an individualised service which is provided by Education Advisers that are well trained, professional, flexible and committed to the young people they support.

Education staff who support our students with their learning are also trained to deliver the S.T.I.L.L method. This is is a complete system to reduce anxiety, by using step by step approach to understand and manage anxiety. We will provide children and young people with the tools to face the challenges and feel empowered. The S.T.I.L.L method brings together the best techniques from positive psychology, cognitive behaviour therapy, neuro linguistic programming and self development into a complete system and set of tools that equip our staff in supporting children and young people  

Our recent project for Virtual Furness Pride.

Independent School

Moorfield learning Centre is an Independent School for young people aged 11-17 who need additional support

Our mediation service can help individuals find peaceful solutions to conflicts and relationship difficulties
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