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We support young people aged 11-17 years with a maximum number of 12 students to progress and succeed in their education.

Our Vision

To re-engage young people from total isolation, withdrawal and exclusion,  back into learning, the community and the world of work. Able to contribute to the community and the wider society with confidence and to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Values and Principles

• Re-engage learners back into the education system
• Support young people to become independent learners
• Re-engage learners back into community/ family
• Re introduce young people to learning and the workplace/ thoughts of a career.
• Welcome diversity
• Acceptance of all regardless of Culture, Religion, Sexuality, Social Need.

Our Mission Statement


To improve the life chances of young people through truly inclusive practice that improves learning and promotes and secures wellbeing. Our partnership approach recognises that some young people need additional support, empathy and understanding to overcome the barriers they face. Our flexible child centred approach breaks down the barriers to learning, invites trust and a feeling of security which enables our young people to flourish and become successful in their learning pathway, ready to engage in their next phase of learning or into the world of work.

For further information with regard to our ethos contact
Hilary Southward; Proprietor of Moorfield Learning Centre; Tel: 01229 837 258

Moorfield Independent School is now an accredited school registered with Kidsafe.

Moorfield achieved the Bronze award in 2019 following the Rights Respecting School programme and have successfully achieved the silver award in July 2020. This award was led by students and we are so proud to everyone that contributed.

Independent School

Moorfield learning centre is an Independent School  for young people aged 11-17 who need additional support

Our mediation service can help individuals find peaceful solutions to conflicts and relationship difficulties
Moorfield learning centre
Moorfield Street
Barrow In Furness
LA13 9RS

Tel: 01229 837258
Mob: 07500586097


Registered school URN number 145465