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The support will work in conjunction with the young persons pathway plan
The only private provider of children’s homes in Barrow     

Abbey Lodge Children’s home became registered with Ofsted on 07/12/2011. It is the only privately owned children’s home in the
Furness area and is registered to care for four young people of either gender aged between 11-17.

The young people accommodated may experience emotional and behavioural difficulties. The home accepts emergency placements and can offer care and support to young people on a short or long term basis.

All placements are subject to a comprehensive risk assessment



Children In Care Council Awards
A young person from Abbey Lodge nominated Kitty Wiper
as Carer of the year and received this award at the
ceremony, which is delivered by cumbria county council.





Our Fabulous Children

The young people recently did a car wash and raised £150 which they have decided to donate to ‘Young Minds’ charity.


We Are Now A Registered Children’s Home With ‘Kidsafe’.

Abbeylodge Cinema Room

A great place to chill and unwind.



We are a 4 bedroomed children’s home in Barrow-in-furness.

There is lots to do in Barrow and the surrounding area. We want to support you to access the things you enjoy to do.

We understand that you may feel nervous, scared or angry when you first arrive at Abbey Lodge. Staff are here to support you through how your feeling and help you settle in. When you arrive you will be assigned a key worker. This is someone who works closely with you one to one to dicuss whats important to you and how we can make your stay as comfortable as possible. The most important thing is that you feel that your voice is heard and we will work together with you to achieve that.



We organise lots of activities and days out which we hope you will find enjoyable and learn from.We want you to have the opportunities to try out different clubs, hobbies, sports and other interests so that you can develop skills and find out what you would like to do.We would also like to give the opportunity to take part in the sot of the hobbies that other young people in the area do in their homes.

We live very close to the park which gives everyone plenty of opportunities to enjoy themselves, relax and have fun.

Staff will talk to the young people about the sort of activities and hobbies they would like to do as young people’s ideas are important .

We will help you celebrate your birthday and any special events or days that is important to your religion or culture.



Scroll down to get rich!
You will receive your allowance every week on a Friday. You receive allowances for different things and how much you get depends on your age.
You will also receive £10.00 a month to buy all your toiletries

Download the Young Persons Handbook

Abbey Lodge Children’s Home
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Tel: 01229811101
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Registered school URN number 145465

URN number for Abbey Lodge SC436826